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A native New Yorker, Jason has been painting since early childhood. His unique style of painting, ranging from pin-up art to his stylized realism portrait work continues to gain growing recognition. In 1991, he earned his Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology and in 1996 his Masters of Art Education from Queens College.

“ I learned to manipulate form, light, and color from comic books and I attribute my sense of composition to watching too many Stanley Kubrick films”.
As an Artist, Jason succeeds in capturing the essence of the subject. “ I compare what I do to some of my favorite film directors and cinematographers where composition is what affects the mood or the scene”. What ultimately makes a painting good is balance, if it is solid in the viewer’s eye, it can win you over, much like a bad film with amazing cinematography and memorable performances. “My inspiration is pop culture, the beauty of simplicity, and how we as a society relate to a generally short attention span each of us have. My art speaks to the viewer directly and captures them immediately on a stylistic level”

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